Adventure of a Lifetime
Adventure of a Lifetime

"The trip was very well put together.  I was impressed with the combination of destinations and accommodations.  I also enjoyed the activities.  While some of them were challenging for me, I appreciated the opportunity to try them."
                                                                                                        John H. - Park Ridge, IL


"Great Trip.  Lots of fun, and I learned and tried new things."
                                                                                                       Matt. C - Park Ridge, IL


"Ecuador was so much fun and I would love to come back and do it all over again.  Thank you so much for making this trip a huge success."


                                                                                                        Natalie B - Park Ridge, IL


"I absolutely loved visiting the shelter.  This trip was so much fun."


                                                                                                        Emily M - Park Ridge, IL


"Ecuador is amazing and the hotels were awesome."


                                                                                                        Laura B - Park Ridge, IL


"For my first trip out of the country, this was great."


                                                                                                        Ken W  - Addison, IL


"I loved the trip - the kids we helped were great!  I want to come back and do more and bring baseballs, bats and soccer balls - I want to help out.  The trip was awesome."

                                                                                                       Will A - Hinsdale, IL


"I have traveled all over with my children - all 6 of them!  I will return next year as I have found Ecuador to be fantastic - the plus has been our guide and driver!  I will be back soon and continue to be!

                                                                                                       Kirsten A - Hinsdale, IL


"An amazing trip that I would definitely come on again.  Love the hotels and can't wait to go back to Ecuador."

                                                                                                      Taylor A - Hinsdale, IL


"There was something for everyone on this trip!  A great adventure."


                                                                                                      Kara P - Des Plaines, IL


"The trip was amazing!! Great sights, great food, great tour guide, great accommodations, great welcome from the people, great cultural and adventure experience."


                                                                                                       Tricia W - Addison, IL


"The Amazon was the best part of the whole trip."


                                                                                                       Trini R - Westmont, IL

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